DIY: No Heat Hair Straightener

It’s the middle of the week; how are you guys holding up? Anything exciting going on? We’re just planning our apartment layout and not cleaning, per usual. But, while scrolling on Pinterest, Allie and I found some interesting recipes with basically the only thing left in our pantry: brown sugar (we obviously need to grocery shop).

Brown sugar is the weird, less talented cousin of coconut oil. Just look at all the uses coconut oil has pointed out by my friend over at DIYConfessions. It’s the star of the show! But brown sugar tries… and succeeds in a few areas.

In this house we are obsessed with Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken and substituting brown sugar in our coffee. We also found some non conventional uses for the sweet treat: face scrub and hair straightener. Now you’re thinking, “wait…what did you just say?! Hair STRAIGHTENER? Brown sugar?!”


I found it on the internet, and they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true. So, I’m fairly sure. (Before I go on, we loved the face scrub. Our skin is soooo soft- go try it!)

Face Scrub

I try my best to use as little heat on my hair as possible. Keep those locks luscious and healthy! This two ingredient DIY is too easy not to try. Here it goes!

wavy hairHere’s what my hair looks like after a good wash and air dry. First treatment of coconut oil as well! I’ll fill you in on that later ;)hair

1. Materials: 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, spray bottle.

2. Mix the water and brown sugar. I used warm water to help it dissolve faster.

3. Pour into spray bottle.

4. Spray! Make sure your hair is damp, first.

5. Let it air dry.

Not too difficult, right?! We put a towel down so less goo would get on our kitchen floor. Shortly after I brushed my hair out because when wet it reverts to being wavy. I tried keeping it as straight as possible to help the process.

Deep down I knew this wouldn’t work really well. Gotta try anyway, right? On a scale of one to ten, I rate this as someone, please let me go back in time and realize how awful an idea this was. My hair ended up very sticky and brittle, but ever so tasty. I’m honestly afraid to brush it…what if it breaks off and I’m left with small patches of hair? Washing it out ASAP. And it’s not even remotely straight! :(


Let my failure be a lesson to you. This easy Pinterest DIY is no bueno. They suck you in, too, with this picture…a gorgeous girl with that desirable, perfectly straight and silky soft hair:

Straight Hairsource

Get real.

Maybe I’ll write a post on my tips and tricks for healthy hair?

Did anyone else see failure coming?! What strange uses for brown sugar do you have?





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21 thoughts on “DIY: No Heat Hair Straightener

  1. Omg I had the same issue my hair is pretty straight but still has a wave to it I did this and my ends felt so gross it literally sucked out all the moisture and softness i get from washing and to top it off i couldn’t move my hair like i would try to change the part and get stuck in tangles

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    • Yup, that’s why this blog post proved that myth to be incorrect! I love coconut oil, but the purpose of this particular post was to see if I could straighten my hair without any heat :) In another post I talk about coconut oil and it’s benefits!

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